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Hello From Me

So. I haven’t been around her for quite some time. But rest assured, it’s not you. It’s me. Why? Well, I’m happy to report that it’s because I’ve been off living a “normal” life. Travelling, working, growing things (not very well) in the garden, shopping, coffee-ing. You know, as you do. While I’ve been doing […]

Named #15 in top 50 brain cancer blogs

Thanks for reading, Greymadderites! Greymadder has been included as #15 on’s list of top 50 brain cancer blogs.

After the Bell

First off, I admit I have plucked the title of this post from Anne Katz, who uses something similar in the title of one of her books. I like the “ring” of it. For those who are not familiar with the concept, in many cancer treatment centres there is a bell on the wall in […]

The Sum of the Parts

For the final #braintumorthursday of Brain Tumor Awarness Month #BTAM, after outlining this past year’s surgery and treatment adventures, I’m reflecting on my feelings toward all of these steps along the way. Or, more accurately, on the sum of the parts. I can start by saying that I’ve passed two more milestones in the week […]

My Treatment Diaries: Six Months of Chemo 

As I shared in my “treatment overview” post that kicked off this May’s Brain Tumour Awareness Month, my path since diagnosis with a glioma in 2012 is divided into clearly defined and discrete chapters in my memory. I’ve written about all of them over the three years of this blog, most recently covering my adventures […]

My Treatment Diaries: Radiation & Chemo

We are in the middle of Brain Tumour Awareness Month (#BTAM) in Canada and the US, so I wanted to continue to update my experiences with treatment. As I’ve shared in literally graphic detail, last Sept I underwent an awake craniotomy to remove most of what turned out to be a Grade III oligodendroglioma from […]

Greymadder Returns: Turn May Grey

  I am blessed to have followers and supporters who have been asking how I’m doing and noting that there’s not been a great deal of blogging going on. I recently had a talented friend and career/relationship coach (see Jolene Watson’s Clarity Coaching) do a Myers Briggs analysis with me, and found I’m an intuitive […]