Operating Room Video – Awake Craniotomy

Here is a live video taken in the Operating Room during my awake brain surgery. Perhaps not for the weak of stomach, but you can observe the brain mapping that is occurring, with the probing of my parietal lobe and sensory motor cortex. I didn’t actually remember doing this activity, they asked me to identify a number written on my hand, but it looks like I got one of two questions correct!

I can tell you that within a couple of hours of this video, I was up and walking around the recovery room. I really believe that my ability to participate in my surgical procedure, my physical and mental preparation, as well as the skill of the team working here contributed fully to my remarkable ability to bounce back and recover from this procedure. I was released from the hospital 48 hours after this. More updates on my follow up radiation and chemo treatments will follow.



  1. Again, I admire your AMAZING mental strength.And yes, I hope that is your last operation !!!

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  2. You have a beautiful brain! Thanks so much for posting the video. You did amazingly well! And I know your ability to participate helped the surgeons immensely. I’ll be praying for a full cure and watching for your radiation/chemo plans.

    Will you be returning to ketogenetic eating? I think it’s pretty wise. We have a radiation oncologist here in Pittsburgh who states this way of eating is a huge boon for chemo and radiation treatment. The cancer cells are more vulnerable to treatment.

    He’s Colin Champ, MD, at St. Margaret’s Hospital. He has a blog site: http://www.cavemandoctor.com/

    Here’s his cv:

    Click to access champ.pdf

    Here’s his post on keto and chemo:

    I know you will be doing fine, no matter what. You have a wonderful attitude.

    How have you recovered? Got your energy back yet?


    1. One of my favourite comments I’ve received during this process was from a friend who said “not many people have actual proof of the existence of their brain! The rest of us are just operating on assumption!”


  3. Incredible journey, Alix. Thank you for sharing with all of us. It’s one thing to have courage to go through this, and another to go through it with such a phenomenal attitude AND to decide to share it with us. Very inspiring. Thank you. Namaste

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  4. Absolutely incredible. As much as I rail against modern medicine in terms of treating dietary “diseases” with shots & pills, the kind of technology that has been developed in *other* areas of medicine is just stunning. Almost beyond my comprehension.


    1. I know, I feel exactly the same way. I have to say that once you’re in the “system” of treatment, in my experience, anyway, everyone works really hard to make things better, easier, helpful. I feel so fortunate to be somewhere where I can say that!


  5. Hi! I haven’t watched this one yet. This one is different, the person I mean. I talked to Arnold last night, as Doreen had phoned Starla, guess got her number from Mom’s obituary but couldn’t get my number. Then she didn’t phone. To make a long story short, it was nice talking to Arnold. His granddaughter is in Vernon. So they go there alot. He gave me Doreen’s phone number, as we had talked before, and she has Dementia, and something else, so I have to call her one of these nites, at least it explains why she didn’t have her teeth when we talked before, should have asked him the degree of the dementia, but I will have to call…..

    Hope all is well with you. F.


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