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Named #15 in top 50 brain cancer blogs

Thanks for reading, Greymadderites! Greymadder has been included as #15 on’s list of top 50 brain cancer blogs.

After the Bell

First off, I admit I have plucked the title of this post from Anne Katz, who uses something similar in the title of one of her books. I like the “ring” of it. For those who are not familiar with the concept, in many cancer treatment centres there is a bell on the wall in […]

Testing the Bunk – Credibility Checking Online

This is the number one question I get, right after “why are you so skinny if you eat 85% of your calories from fat?” (that answer is a different post altogether). The question is – “how do you know if something you read online is credible?” This is not a trivial problem, particularly if the advice […]


When something is niggling at me, such as a problem at work or a decision to be made, I’ve always been pretty good at thinking about it when I want to, and also not thinking about it when necessary. I’ve always considered this some form of mental compartmentalization. Like “putting away” thoughts or problems, for later. Choose […]