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Why I Started a Blog

People have been asking me this a lot. I’d like to say something selfless like “to share all the information I’ve learned and hope to help someone else.” But that wouldn’t be really true, if I’m honest. I first started this blog as a bit of a professional experiment, because I wanted to play with […]


When something is niggling at me, such as a problem at work or a decision to be made, I’ve always been pretty good at thinking about it when I want to, and also not thinking about it when necessary. I’ve always considered this some form of mental compartmentalization. Like “putting away” thoughts or problems, for later. Choose […]

Love Your Bubble

I have a friend that I enjoy meeting for lunch or coffee, who has a unique and inspiring world view that always helps me take a new perspective. About a year ago, over a lunchtime beer (for him, not me), we were talking over the effects on my life of my brain cancer diagnosis, which […]