Why I Started a Blog

People have been asking me this a lot. I’d like to say something selfless like “to share all the information I’ve learned and hope to help someone else.” But that wouldn’t be really true, if I’m honest.

I first started this blog as a bit of a professional experiment, because I wanted to play with WordPress for a project at work. So I set up a template, experimented with some tools. Then I wrote an entry about something I’d heard on the radio that day, Food Bullying.

Then I wondered what to say next. And at that point, without much further consideration, I made a key decision. I decided to write about something personal, and what resulted was…this.

For me, the more interesting question isn’t why I started, but why I keep up. I didn’t actually set out to make a difference in someone else’s life. Selfishly, I found it made a difference in mine. I’ve always felt I’m a creative thinker, a creative person, and I’ve always written in one form or another. But creating something is different, is the result of, being creative, and I wanted to create something.

I also have found that in writing down my experiences, I get them out of myself and process them and I’ve discovered things about them that I didn’t see before I wrote about them. That’s been therapeutic.

So, I sort of wish it was more about helping other people, or primarily about that. A funny thing about a health journey like mine – I’ve noticed it can easily make you feel ephemeral, transient, and very mortal. It really makes you want to see something out there, physcial, that is of you and from you and some sort of mark saying “I am here”. Maybe that’s the best explanation.

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  1. And a very relatable/good explanation too. ~Catherine


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