While this is not an exhaustive list, below are links to sites and books that I most often recommend:

Info on Ketogenic Diet and Cancer:

Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet (ebook by Ellen Davis – perfect for layperson, credible science, with good references; read this if nothing else)

Ketogenic Diet for Cancer (ebook by Miriam Kalamian)

Practical Keto Meal Plans for Cancer (ebook by Patricia Daly, excellent 14 day sample meal plans)

Practical 12-gram Keto Meal Plans for Cancer Patients (ebook by Patricia Daly, a follow up to her first book with another two weeks of 12 g carb per day meal plans)

The Ketogenic Kitchen (Patricia Daly and Domini Kemp, with sections on both general low carb, and strict LCHF for cancer)

KetoNutrition (Dr. Dominic D’Agostino’s site, check his links, they are comprehensive!)

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease (Book by Dr. Thomas Seyfried – very technical in nature, this is a deep read for science-minded folks)


Recipes and Ketogenic Diet Info:

KetoDietApp (Martina Slajerova’s recipes, blog, app, and diet tracker are excellent and sensible)

Ketogenic Diet Resource (Ellen Davis site, where the Fight Cancer ebook is sold, is also a fabulous resource in general)

Patricia Daly (a cancer survivor and professional nutritionist, who can help you implement a keto diet in person or at a distance)

DJFoodie (extensive collection of easy to prepare recipes)

Diet Doctor

Livin La Vida Low Carb (Jimmy Moore’s site, blogger and author of Cholesterol Clarity and Keto Clarity)


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    How can you measure accurately the ketone and glucose levels since the Abott Labs themselves admit that these blood meters have an accuracy of +/- 20%. This is a problem I am facing.

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    1. Hi, thanks for reading. This is a good question, definitely worth considering. I think about this in a few ways. First, I consider that 20% variance is plus or minus about 0.6 on a reading of 3.0. So I try to focus most attention on the full number increments – 1 to 2 to 3, and not get too caught up in the decimal points. That said, this is actually one of the key strengths of using a ratio instead of a single number to track progress, as long as the meter varies predictably. So, if it’s high 20% all the time, that will be washed out when you calculate the ratio, because the absolute difference between the numbers is still valid. That thinking doesn’t apply if the meter varies randomly. However, if that were the case, we could see this random variation over time as outliers in numbers. I don’t see that in my readings, personally. Finally, and most simply, I own two meters. I have actually tested on both for comparison’s sake, and I never see them differ by more than about 0.1 on a given reading. I hope that helps put your mind at ease!


  2. I just happened upon your blog and I’m so glad I did. It’s funny: I had just googled “no news is good news” because I’m having baby thoughts about refraining from listening to”the news” and was wondering if anyone had developed a website or blog about that. Anyway, I really like your style and look forward to reading more. “Refuah Shlemah” we say in Hebrew – a whole healing to you.


    1. Thanks very much and thanks for reading!


  3. I read your interview on Facebook with Dr. David Perlmutter (I’m a big fan). I’m also a cancer survivor (see my story at and avid follower of a low carb low sugar diet. I work at the National Foundation for Cancer research and would love to share your story with our donors and friends. You are an inspiration!


    1. Thanks, David, for reading and for your kind words. As you might have seen on my About page, I too work in cancer research. I am a passionate advocate in this area, I’d love to explore possible collaborations. I’ll PM you separately, either via email or Twitter. Cheers.


  4. i have a kidney transplant and want to loose weight- are proteins going to cause my new kidney problems…plse discuss


  5. doesn’t protein cause prostate cancer in men..


  6. is the reported link between saturated fats and their advanced gylcalation end products and cancer real


  7. Hello, I came across your site while continuing to research kd diet and cancer. First, thank you for posting all of your resources. I manage 2 veterinary hospitals and we have a 80% cancer patient list and my mother inlaw was just diagnosed with tcc stage 2. I was wondering if you have the time to speak or email me. I have spoken with Dr D’Agostino in the past and he was very helpful. I would love to get your opinion on diet since you are one of few people that have documented your entire treatment. I know you are very busy so I would truly appreciate your time colaborating.


    1. Hi, Traci, I’d be pleased to discuss with you. Please feel free to send me your email address on here or via Private message on my social media. I’m @alixhay in Twittet, and I admin a Facebook group called Ketogenic Diet for Cancer, you can find me at either.


  8. Hey thanks for this wonderful article! By the way I think it should be
    “they’re” instead of “their” -Sam


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